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Newspapers are a valuable tool for filling in the unanswered questions of our ancestors' lives. Where census records are stark and impersonal, and public records may be lost through fire and war, newspapers often provide us a window into the lives of our ancestors that can be very illuminating and rewarding. Without an index, however, they can be very time-consuming and cumbersome to use. For this reason, many researchers use newspapers as a last ditch effort to resolve genealogy mysteries, rather than as a first-rate method of adding color to their ancestors' lives. It is my opinion, that a lot of the pleasure to be found in family history research, is missed by using newspapers only when absolutely necessary. In an effort to make your search for them faster and more rewarding, I have abstracted and indexed the high points of your ancestors' lives. As valuable as the records are, it requires a lot of time and tedious data entry to abstract newspapers for genealogists. I am but one person armed with a laptop, a roll of microfilm and a lot of passion for family history, so please be patient as I strive to build my library.

Click the Publications Link to see what books are currently available. Check back often as I am continually abstracting and indexing more volumes.

I am always on the lookout for my next abstracting experience. So, if you'd like to voice an interest in a particular County in Missouri, let me know by emailing me. If you don't tell me what books you hope to find available on these pages, chances are I'll never get around to that certain newspaper that you wish you had time to read through yourself. Your opinion is very important to me.